C2ES Comments on CFTC Guidance Regarding the Listing of Voluntary Carbon Credit Derivative Contracts

These comments were submitted to the U.S. Commodities Futures Trading Commission on February 16, 2024.

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Issues and Options for the Topics of Dialogues Under the UAE Just Transition Work Programme (Submisson)

This paper was submitted to the UNFCCC on February 16, 2024.

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2024: A Look Ahead (Discussion Paper)

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Key Negotiations and Related Outcomes of the UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai

Referred to as the “GST COP” for marking the conclusion of the Paris Agreement’s first global stocktake (GST), the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) 28th Conference of Parties (COP28) held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) resulted …

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Accelerating Resilience: Wildfire and Heat Strategies for Colorado’s North Front Range

Summary Report of the 2023 Climate Resilient Communities Accelerator Colorado is at the frontlines of climate change impacts, including growing wildfire and heat hazards. The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) launched the first regional Climate Resilient Communities Accelerator …

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Billion-Dollar Extreme Weather Events

This map and related materials pertaining to all types of extreme weather can be found here. Last updated January 2024.

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Carbon Pricing Proposals in the 118th Congress

There are various market-based approaches to pricing carbon (e.g., carbon tax, cap and trade, clean energy standard). All of these approaches can reduce emissions cost-effectively while driving clean energy innovation. This factsheet compares two carbon tax proposals introduced in the …

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Carbon Border Adjustment Provisions in the 118th Congress

Carbon border adjustment mechanisms (CBAM) are an emerging set of trade policy tools that aim to prevent carbon-intensive economic activity from moving out of jurisdictions with relatively stringent climate policies and into those with relatively less stringent policies. Border adjustments …

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Re-invigorating the UN Climate Regime in the Wider Landscape of Climate Action

Parties will complete the first global stocktake (GST) under the Paris Agreement in 2023, presenting an important opportunity to reflect more widely on the UN climate regime (the regime). The world is a very different place from when the Paris …

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A Solutions-oriented Approach to the Paris Agreement’s Global Stocktake

To ensure success at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s 28th Conference of Parties (COP28), Parties must agree to specific, operational, and transformational signals in the first global stocktake (GST). Drawing upon more than two years of analytical …

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